15 Hidden Apple Watch Hacks Users Don’t Know About

The Apple Watch is truly a treasure trove of surprises. Devices like the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Series 9, and Apple Watch Ultra have well-known features like sleep tracking, immersive and intuitive games, and connectivity to Apple devices. Beyond that, there are several nifty features that all Apple Watch owners should know about. Therefore, here’s a compilation of a few hidden Apple Watch hacks users must learn today.

Optimizing device for left-handedness
Most people are right-handed, so they will find the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown easy to operate. However, left-handed users who wear their device on the right wrist are bound to find the placement of the dial a bit hard to reach and, as a result, difficult to use properly. To counter this, there is a feature on the Apple Watch in which users can re-orient their device interface so that the Crown will also be at the perfect place for left-handers.
By going to Settings>General>Orientation, users can flip their device’s controls and home screen layout to choose their preferred position for the Crown. By doing so, left-handed users can wear their device upside down and use the Crown from the bottom left position instead of the top right.

Unlocking the Apple Watch using the iPhone
As implied earlier, Apple Watches have unmatched connectivity to users’ iPhones. Generally, users are guided to connect their devices and lock/unlock them using each other. However, if one has not done so, they can simply go to the Watch Companion app on their iPhone and toggle the “Unlock With iPhone” feature between on or off. This hidden hack requires users to wear their Apple Watch while using this feature on their iPhones.

Engaging theater mode
Moviegoers often experience someone accidentally waking up on the bright screen of their phones or smartwatches while a film shows on the big screen. All Apple Watches have prominent and dazzling displays that can be hugely distracting for others in the middle of a movie. To turn this off, users can engage the “theater mode” on their watches as they enter. This feature will keep the device’s display off during a film and save users from embarrassment.

Controlling one’s Apple TV
Thanks to this stunning Apple Watch feature, users do not need to fret about losing their Apple TV remote. If both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, users can simply use their Apple Watch as a remote for their Apple TV. To do so, one must launch the Remote app on their Apple Watch, tap the Apple TV icon to see the app, and then select the appropriate setting to receive a passcode and pair the devices. After the pairing, the Apple Watch becomes the de-facto remote controller of the Apple TV.

Hopping on to a group FaceTime
Users can join ongoing FaceTime calls using nothing but their Apple Watch. Users can engage in Group FaceTime audio-only calls in which their photo will show when they interact with other users or talk during the call.

Controlling Apple Watch Series 9 with gestures
The latest Apple Watch Series 9 models have this incredible feature where users can control their device by touching its display. Using one’s watch hand, one must tap one’s index finger and thumb together twice to unlock gesture controls on the device. Gesture control allows users to stop timers, answer and end phone calls, take photos, or snooze alarms using gestures.

Using Siri as a translator
The built-in Siri in an Apple Watch can be a real-time translator with support for about 11 languages. The Apple Watch’s built-in voice assistant can translate what users or others say, resulting in little to no communication barriers, even in a foreign country.

Navigating towards one’s lost iPhone
Apple Watches come with a feature that helps them track down their iPhones if both devices are within Bluetooth range of each other. Users can use one’s Apple Watch to make their iPhone make a noise even if it is in silent mode. This makes it easier to track one’s misplaced iPhone.

Finding out what song is playing
Apple Watches are compatible with the intuitive song-identifying app Shazam. Users can discover which song is playing by opening the app and tapping the Shazam button.

Using the walkie-talkie
The walkie-talkie is one of the more underrated features of the Apple Watch. Users can convert their watches into devices for quick, comprehensible communication using this hidden hack.

Activating water lock
While Apple Watches are water-resistant, they are not waterproof. Users can activate the water lock feature to reduce the chance of the watch getting damaged underwater. This feature helps users eject trapped water from their devices when out of the water body.

Using the dock as an app launcher
The dock appears on Apple Watches when users press the device’s side button. In the device, a hidden setting enables this dock to turn into a handy app launcher. By activating it on the dock settings, users can simply press the side button to launch apps immediately without scrolling through the menu.

Accessing iPhone’s camera clicker
This feature lets users remotely employ their iPhone camera to take pictures using the camera clicker feature on their Apple Watch.

Enabling all health features
Users can fully activate the whole range of health tracking functions, such as ECG, Blood Oxygen Monitoring, Fall Detection, and Sleep Tracking, all simultaneously using the Apple Watch.

Customizing one’s favorite workouts
Users can customize their workout routines, including repetitions for each exercise, the timing of a particular workout, and the walking pace while using treadmills. All of this can be done in seconds on the Apple Watch.


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