AirPods – Top Features and Deals to Consider

As the holiday season approaches, Apple enthusiasts could look for deals on top products by the brand, including its AirPods. One can explore the entire range of AirPods, from the modest AirPods (2nd Generation) to the high-tech AirPods Max headphones, and find the most suitable variant for all their listening needs. To help one select the best option, here are some distinctive features of noteworthy AirPods and deals that one would not want to miss:

AirPods and AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)
The main difference between regular 2nd Gen AirPods and the Pro variant is that the latter offers a customizable fit and a host of additional features. The regular AirPods 2nd Generation can last up to 5 hours, while the advanced Pro version can offer up to 6 hours of listening time on a single charge. With charging cases, the time extends to 24 hours and 30 hours, respectively. Both variants come with a Lightning Charging Case, while the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen case has an added lanyard loop, which makes it easy to carry anywhere. The Pro model also features slimmer dimensions and improved touch controls than its counterpart and is also water and sweat-resistant. Additionally, it offers high-quality noise control and cancellation. A notable addition to the Pro variant is the ability to apply noise cancellation to one AirPod even when the other is removed. The new “accessibility” section allows users to customize how they want to utilize the touch sensors, enhancing the overall user experience. The retail prices for the AirPods 2nd Generation and AirPods Pro 2nd Generation are $129 and $249, respectively. However, here are some deals worth considering:

1. The AirPods 2nd Generation are currently available for just $99 on Amazon and Walmart.

2. B&H Photo Video website is currently offering 23% off on the 2nd Gen AirPods, making it a deal worth following up on this shopping season.

3. The AirPods Pro 2nd Generation, which usually sells for $249, is priced at $229.99 on B&H Photo Video.

AirPods 3rd Generation
The AirPods 3rd Generation boasts an array of remarkable features and has an open-air design, unlike the standard AirPods 2. So, the 3rd Gen model offers two distinct charging case options, the Lightning and MagSafe. The Lightning case utilizes the regular lightning cable for charging, while the MagSafe case can be used with a wireless charger and is considered a safer alternative. The retail price difference between the two is a mere $10, with the Lightning case variant priced at $169 and the MagSafe case version at $179. The rest of their features are the same.

Equipped with Adaptive EQ, the 3rd Gen model provides a personalized listening experience based on the ear shape, while the inward-facing microphone enhances voice clarity. The skin-detect sensor, Motion and Speech Detector, an H1 headphone chip, and good battery life are some of the other key features that enhance overall convenience. Users can enjoy up to 6 hours of listening time or 4 hours of talk time on a single charge. Placing the AirPods in the charging case for just 5 minutes replenishes them with an hour’s worth of battery life. These AirPods are also designed to be sweat- and water-resistant, making them suitable for workouts and outdoor activities. Here are the deals to grab:

4. The AirPods 3rd Generation is currently available at discounted prices on Amazon, costing about $160.

5. Walmart is currently offering an even more attractive deal at just $149 for the lightning charging case variant. One can consider following up on this offer during the shopping season as well.

AirPods Max
The AirPods Max sets the bar high in the premium headphones category. Equipped with a remarkable nine microphones in total, with eight of them dedicated to Active Noise Cancellation, this device ensures refined noise-canceling performance and an immersive audio experience. In terms of battery life, the AirPods Max can deliver up to 20 hours of listening time or talk time on a single charge. As per the brand’s claims, a 5-minute charging can provide approximately 1.5 hours of additional listening time, offering uninterrupted usage. What’s more? The Digital Crown on the ear cup offers customizable controls for different commands. Here are a few deals on the AirPods Max that one should not miss:

6. The AirPods Max, usually available for $549, are currently available at discounted rates from various retailers. Shoppers can find them for $539 at Walmart.

7. Amazon is offering an incredible $70 discount on the headphones, selling them for just $480.

8. Shoppers can also grab AirPods Max for just $469 at B&H Photo Video. This can be a great opportunity for savings on this premium audio accessory.

The shopping season is just around the corner, but one can also benefit from early deals as well. Going by past trends, last year’s Black Friday saw that even $20 discounts on Apple products seemed to be extremely popular. Current deals indicate higher savings on AirPods, making this period leading up to the sale season a great time to bring home the premium wireless earphones.

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