Top 20 Tech Deals to Anticipate on Black Friday 2023

Black Friday is the best time in the year to get one’s hands on remarkable offers and discounts on some of the most popular tech products. The sale brings unbeatable deals on everything from sleek smartphones to essential smart home devices. Since 2023’s Black Friday tech deals haven’t been released yet, one can look at last year’s offers to gauge what brands to watch and which products might have substantial discounts.

Smartphones are easily the most sought-after tech deals in any sale. Last Black Friday, some of the biggest brands, especially Android brands, offered some great deals. For instance, here is a deal from last Black Friday – the Samsung S22 Ultra was being offered for up to $600 less, provided shoppers traded in their old device.

The popularity of fitness trackers and smartwatches has been on a steep rise, and Black Friday typically sees big discounts on items from brands like Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit. Last year, even Google’s Pixel Watch was offered at a discounted price.

Laptop deals from the previous Black Friday also included products from the big names. These include Apple’s MacBooks, Samsung’s Galaxy Book, HP Spectre, and Microsoft Surface, to name just a few. Even gaming laptops such as Razer’s Blade 14 were available for a good price. One can expect top laptop brands to release great deals on their products this year too.

During last year’s Black Friday sale, some of the most popular deals on tablets included the ones for iPads and Amazon’s Fire tablet. Both iPad Pro and iPad Air were up for great deals. To give an example, the popular 12.9″ iPad Pro was being offered on Amazon for almost $100 less than its original price.

TV units
Last year’s Black Friday witnessed a wide range of discounts for TV sets, from budget LCDs to high-end 4K TVs. Popular retail websites like Amazon had TVs for as low as around $79!

Prior year’s Black Friday had remarkable offers on premium Bluetooth speakers. It was a real treat for audio enthusiasts, as there were deals on speakers from top brands such as JBL, Bose, Marshall, and Sonos, among others.

Gaming consoles
Gaming enthusiasts got good deals not only on gaming consoles but even on bundles! Some popular deals in this category included the Xbox Series S and the Nintendo Switch bundle offer with Mario Kart 8. One can keep an eye out for similar deals during Black Friday 2023.

VR headsets
VR gaming is the next big thing! Like gaming consoles, VR headsets also had great offers, including those on bundles. One such deal was for Meta’s Oculus Quest 2, which was available with two games – Beat Saber and Resident Evil 4. One can sign up for brand newsletters to get an idea of which headsets are likely to go on sale soon.

Smart home devices
Deals on smart home devices included offers on smart speakers such as Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Nest. They also included smart devices such as Blink’s Video Doorbell. Interested shoppers can expect exciting offers in this category, such as flat discounts, bundle deals, free installation, etc.

To cater to music lovers, the last Black Friday sale also had great deals on wireless earphones and earbuds. These included the Apple AirPods Pro, JLab Go Air Pops, and Jabra Elite 3, aside from brands like Sony, Samsung, and more.

Over-ear headphones are popular not only among music lovers but also among streamers and gamers. In this category, last year’s sales included various top-rated products from brands like Jabra, Sennheiser, Apple, etc.

Streaming devices
With the flood of content on streaming platforms, it is understandable that streaming devices for TV are highly in demand. Last Black Friday had deals on streaming devices from Amazon (Fire TV Stick), Apple (Apple TV 4K), Roku (Streaming Stick 4K), Chromecast, Nvidia, etc.

One can look forward to deals and discounts on projectors based on last year’s offers. Among the most popular ones was the Samsung Freestyle Projector, which was available on Amazon for almost $200 off.

Printers were another tech category that witnessed a range of deals last year. One of the most popular ones was for the Canon – PIXMA TS6420a, which was available at BestBuy for about $90 off its price. Shoppers can look forward to similarly great deals on a range of printers for Black Friday 2023.

Photography enthusiasts got their hands on some amazing deals on top cameras. For example, a popular one among them was Instax Mini 11, which was available at Amazon for a discount of around 20% on its price.

Air purifiers
Air purifiers were among the top-selling home essential tech products last Black Friday. One can keep an eye out for deals on basic and high-end, sleek air purifiers this shopping season.

Vacuum cleaner robots
Keeping the floor clean has certainly become easier with vacuum cleaning robots. Some of the top products in the category are from brands like Eufy, Anker, iRobot, and iLife.

Charging devices
Wired chargers and power banks were also popular deals last year. Popular retail websites like Amazon had deals on power banks across brands.

Amazon had great deals on different Kindle versions. These included the basic Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Paperwhite Signature.

Last but not least, a tech product that was very popular last Black Friday was solid-state drives (SSDs). Buyers can check third-party websites or brand websites to learn about upcoming deals on this product.

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